Little Ones

Our Little Ones portrait sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, making it a little less stressful as it saves trying to get everyone out the door looking their best for their pics. I bring props, blankets and a few other things if needed. It's all about capturing their little personalities at this stage. I always try to keep these sessions relaxed and if the little one is not playing ball then we just go with the flow, if they need fed, changed or just want a break that's all fine! At the end of they day, they are in charge :)



Held at your home for the least disruption to your new little one, our sessions are baby led and each a little different.

The comfort and safety of baby is our first concern. 

Sessions are normally around two hours long.



Older babies are able to move around a little more and can be a little less willing to stay in a pose.

The sessions are a little more dynamic and will depend on your baby's age and temperament.

Sessions are normally around two hours long.



This is a rough age group to define kids who are old enough to know what they want to do but perhaps not to be told what to do!

Sessions are very much led by the child and we focus on making them as much fun as possible.

Sessions are normally around one hour long